Why Service Design?

Service design is truly the next big competitive advantage and its founding principles of human-centered design is so important in today's business landscape. There are than 28 million business in the US, and 22 million of them being service-based businesses, but it is known that 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first couple of years. While there are many factors that go into a business failing, the methodology of service design can play a huge role in helping create delightful customer experiences that lead to business success and a lasting legacy.

I believe that service design and design thinking are to businesses today what social media was to businesses almost a decade ago. It is a visionary, effective, and necessary tool to help a business connect with its customers – and those companies who adopted it early are seeing great results. There is no doubt that it will soon become a household name, and the companies who jump on board too late may struggle to catch up.

Why Marina Terteryan?

I am an entrepreneur and design strategist from Armenia living in Los Angeles. I have a long background in integrated marketing and communications (copywriting, PR, marketing strategy, creative directing, advertising, SEO, and web development). A few years ago, I was introduced to service design through the Global Service Jam event, which changed my life. Since then, I have changed the offerings of my boutique consulting agency, the why lab., to contain human-centered design approach to all business challenges. And I serve as a loud and proud ambassador for the practice of service design, design thinking, and all its underlying values.

Why THIS podcast?

My goal is to provide a unique and entertaining educational experience for listeners, so this podcast differs from the typical podcast in a few ways. You can read or hear all about them in the short intro episode. True to the design principles, this is also an iterative process and I will be constantly improving upon the different elements and am very open to feedback!

Why a jazz intro?

Among the quirky features of this podcast is the fact that there is no real theme song. Instead, I invite my friends from the jazz community to provide an improvised riff that is used in the opening and closing credits. This is partly a tribute to my love of jazz, but it also reminds us that there is a lot that can be learned from jazz improvisation and teamwork as applied to business innovation and collaboration. If you are a jazz musician interested in submitting your own riff please do reach out!