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CASE STUDY - Jon Leyh: Designing the Entrepreneur's Experience with Ruckus Projects | #8

Starting a project or business can be easier said than done and there are many touchpoints that an entrepreneur goes through when starting something. We talk with Jon Leyh, the founder of Ruckus Projects, a community of entrepreneurs who come together to create projects that matter.Jon shares his powerful philosophy about why it's important to design your experience as an entrepreneur, while you are designing your project.

CASE STUDY – Incubator School Built with Design Thinking, Teaching Design Thinking | #4

Service design and design thinking can have groundbreaking results when applied to business. But imagine what could happen when these innovative principles are applied to education! Near Los Angeles, in Silicon Beach, there is an incredible school called Incubator School, started just a few years ago by visionary educator Sujata Bhatt.