Creating Culture with Claus Raasted | #21

Claus Raasted is an experience and behavior designer who creates Live Action Role Play (LARP) events, where groups of strangers come together to collaborate on co-creating their shared experience. This is especially relevant when facilitating the design process with groups of people who are not used to working together (such as different divisions, company partners, or even community members).

We discuss how to help a group of collaborators become comfortable enough as a team to co-create something great. 

Developing Confidence as a Designer with Lauren Currie, OBE | #20

Developing our confidence as designers isn’t just for our own benefit. Sometimes, it can be the driving factor ingetting important ideas heard and growing our impact as a designers. Lauren Currie is a service designer and entrepreneur, Head of Design at Good Lab in London and co-founder of the design agency Snook, and the founder of #UpFront - an organization that helps people develop confidence by sharing a stage with speakers. She talks about her mission to help designers gain the confidence to change the world.

Service Design in Government and Public Services with Benjamin Taylor | #18

One of the most important applications of service design is in the government or public services sector, where there is a big potential to create efficiency and meaningful change.  We talk with Benjamin Taylor, who is a consultant in public services. As the founder of Red Quadrant management consultancy and a Chief Executive nonprofit Public Service Transformation Academy, Benjamin has a long history of innovating public services.

Turning a Service into an Experience with Paul Bulencea | #17

Today, we talk with Paul Bulencea, who is the co-founder of the College of Extraordinary Experiences, a disruptive experience design conference in November that will be held in a castle in Poland. Paul discusses how the economy is shifting from being based on services to being based on experiences and how businesses can beat commoditization by providing memorable experiences.

Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise with Matthew Manos | #13

Social Enterprises are one of the most important forms of business today and one of the most crucial components of a social enterprise is to create the future that we want to live in. Matthew Manos, designer, social enterprise builder, and innovative thinker, wants to help you do just that, with his new book, Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise.

CASE STUDY - Jon Leyh: Designing the Entrepreneur's Experience with Ruckus Projects | #8

Starting a project or business can be easier said than done and there are many touchpoints that an entrepreneur goes through when starting something. We talk with Jon Leyh, the founder of Ruckus Projects, a community of entrepreneurs who come together to create projects that matter.Jon shares his powerful philosophy about why it's important to design your experience as an entrepreneur, while you are designing your project.

Martin Dowson: People, Planet, and Profit | #7

We've heard a lot about why service design is important but what does it look like in the context of People, Planet, and Profit? We talk with Martin Dowson, a UK-based service designer and Certified Customer Experience Professional who creates customer-centric organizations that deliver profitability through meaningful customer experiences. Martin discusses the sustainability of organizations and "why it's essential to link the awesomeness of the designed experience to the operational excellence of the organization."

CASE STUDY – Incubator School Built with Design Thinking, Teaching Design Thinking | #4

Service design and design thinking can have groundbreaking results when applied to business. But imagine what could happen when these innovative principles are applied to education! Near Los Angeles, in Silicon Beach, there is an incredible school called Incubator School, started just a few years ago by visionary educator Sujata Bhatt.